3.5 Seasons of the Walking Dead in 4 Minutes


The Walking Dead is coming back on Sunday and it's getting scary, but not in a good way. Season 1 got the series off to a great start. In Season 2 they hung out at a farm and talked about their feelings. That's fine, but not really what you're looking for in a zombie apocalypse show. In season 3 they picked things up a bit by adding in some ... you know, zombies. Also in 3 there was the dramatic showdown with the Governor.

In the first half of season 4 they didn't really seem to know what to do so they set up a second showdown with the Governor, which didn't really move things along any. So what's in store in the second half of Season 4?

Well, apparently it will focus on Rick and Carl which is disappointing. Despite being the protagonist, Rick has become one of the least interesting characters. Also coming up, apparently despite being stabbed in the heart and shot in the head during the mid-season finale, the Governor is coming back.

The shark is in the water, hopefully the Walking Dead will avoid the temptation to jump over it on a motorcycle.

Anyway, in case you want a quick recap here is 4 Seasons [3.5 really] of the Walking Dead in 4 Minutes from What’s Trending.

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