12th Doctor Peter Capaldi's Oscar winning adaptation of Kafka's Metamorphisis


I've talked to many people, mostly American and Canadian, who are nervous about Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who. They seem worried because they don't know who he is (not that they knew who David Tennant or Matt Smith were either). If they know anything at all about Capaldi they know him as this guy or maybe this guy. They don't know about his 32 years of experience as an actor (in an amazing diversity of roles). They didn't see his brilliant, mildly psychotic, Malcolm Tucker in the Thick of It and they don't know that he's an Oscar winning filmmaker.

In 1995, Capaldi took home the Academy Award for Best Short Film for "Franz Kafka's It's A Wonderful Life". It is Capaldi's raw talent that will make him a good Doctor. It is his decades of experience and love of the franchise that will make him a great Doctor, maybe even the best Doctor yet.

Via Open Culture
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