The first episode of the very-short-lived CBGB-TV variety show (1981)


Martin Schneider at Dangerous Minds unearthed this rare gem. CBGB is probably the club most associated, in the United States, with the punk and new wave movements of the late 1970s.  In 1981 they tried to make the move to television with a cable access show in New York. It was billed as a sit com, but really is closer to a variety show with “interviews, comedy skits, and live performances.” The comedy is iffy, but it is appropriately mostly made up of musical performances. It wasn't a concept that really took off, though the folks at CBGB were perhaps a little ahead of their time, or the people at MTV were a little late. On August 1 of that same year (1981) MTV officially launched. TV-CBGB might have had more luck finding an audience there than they did on cable access.

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