Suggested Reading: "Michael Pollan Explains What's Wrong With the Paleo Diet"


One of my pet peeves, of late, has been the 'all natural' or the philosophy that seems to believe that humans were better off before modern science, medicine and agriculture took hold. This has also been referred to by some as the anti-science left.

The truth, according to most reliable, modern science is that organic foods aren't really better for you, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) appear to be perfectly safe according to the available evidence, vaccines don't cause autism, and bread/carbs are probably good for you, while meat/protein should be consumed in small amounts. For all the evils attributed to science, agriculture and medicine it's pretty undeniable that life expectancy and quality life have increased fairly steadily over the last few centuries, while infant mortality and extreme poverty are down in the industrialized world.

Mother Jones recently posted a takedown of the Paleo Diet which is a bit of anti-science mixed with fad-diet. It purports to return humans to a more natural state by following the diet of our ancient ancestors. The problem, or the immediate and glaring problem, is that it probably wasn't the diet of our ancient ancestors.
 "I don't think we really understand…well the proportions in the ancient diet," argues Pollan on the latest episode of the Inquiring Minds podcast (stream below). "Most people who tell you with great confidence that this is what our ancestors ate—I think they're kind of blowing smoke."

Read the rest here.

As for me, I am and will remain pro-science when it comes to evolution, the age of the Earth, as well as agriculture and medicine.
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