Is instantaneous communication with deep space possible now?


Bear with me, because this is complicated. Also, like with many topics in advanced physics, I think I understand but I can't swear that I'm getting it 100% right.

There is a phenomenon that physicists noticed a long time ago called quantum entanglement. When two particles become entangled, they can be separated by vast distances but remain somehow related to one another. In other words, when something happens to one entangled particle it instantly impacts the other entangled particle no matter how far apart they are.

Now, scientists at Tohoku University in Japan claim that they can use quantum entanglement to teleport energy 'without a limit of distance'. It's important to note that when physicists say 'without a limit of distance' they are talking about, potentially, vast distances. There is an article at io9, with links to several others, for those who are interested in the particulars.

If this is all true it creates some interesting possibilities.

First it has the potential to provide a workaround for the speed of light. In theory, nothing can travel faster than light but if energy can be transported between two entangled particles instantaneously and 'without a limit of distance', then it potentially means 'faster than light could travel'. Currently we can't transport matter that way and we have no ability to turn matter to energy and then back into matter (see the Star Trek transporter room for an example of this) so it doesn't actually help us physically travel any faster, yet.

However, even if we're just talking about light and energy it could mean instantaneous communication with deep space probes, no matter how far we send them. Also, since binary communication can be achieved with light and energy (see fibre optic cable/internet for example) it means that data and multimedia can be transferred to and from deep space probes regardless of how far out they are.

Also, if Ray Kurzweil, futurist and director of engineering at Google, is correct we'll be uploading our entire minds to computers by 2045 and downloading our minds to new robot bodies by 2100. If both Kurzwell and the physicists at Tohoku University are right it could make deep space travel much easier. Lets say we want to go somewhere and the trip is going to take 20 years. We build our rocket and put a dormant robot body onto that rocket, we launch the rocket and we wait 20 years. Then when we get a signal that the shuttle has arrived at its destination we use instant energy transmission (via quantum entanglement) to download a 'mind' into that robot body.

In theory we could even use several minds, putting an engineer in the body on day 1 (to check the shuttle and the robot for problems), then a biologist on days 2-4, an astronomer on days 4-10, a geologist on days 11-15 etc.

I know that it all sounds like the stuff of science fiction, but it's now 'what is theoretically possible' and soon we may be able to scratch the 'theoretical part'
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