Guy Ritchie to do a 6 film King Arthur franchise?


The rumor is that Guy Ritchie is talking to Warner Brothers about a 6 film King Arthur franchise. This could, and should, be amazing news. The Arthurian legends are one of the richest mines for storytelling in the English language. It has love, hate, betrayal, heroism and magic. Basically it has all the things that made Game of Thrones and/or Lord of the Rings successful.

From /Film:
"The studio has been trying to get a King Arthur pic off the ground for years. In fact, this new film isn’t even the first attempt to make one with Ritchie. Back in 2010, the Brit filmmaker was developing a version scripted by John Hodge (Trainspotting) for the studio.

However, the movie fell through when Warner Bros. decided to go with David Dobkin’sArthur & Lancelot instead — only to later pull the plug on that one as well, after Kit Harington and Joel Kinnaman had already been cast in the leads. Previously, the studio had also looked at a remake of Excalibur by Bryan Singer. 

Deadline reports that Ritchie’s new King Arthur project is a big-budget fantasy retelling of the legend to be told over six films. Joby Harold (2007′s Awake) scripted the first installment. Akiva Goldsman will produce, along with Ritchie, Lionel Wigram, andHarold and Tory Tunnell."

Sadly, to date, Hollywood has never really taken it seriously. There have been individual films that tried to squeeze everything into two hours. They have, mostly, been mediocre and they have, mostly, had mediocre box office results. If the Hobbit has enough material for 3 films, then King Arthur easily has enough material for 6 and given what he did for Sherlock Holmes, I think Guy Ritchie could be the guy to pull it off.

(On a side note, the Hobbit does not have enough material for 3 films. Having seen the first 2 I can say, without much fear of contradiction, that the 1977 animated version is a better adaptation than Peter Jackson's 3 film debacle.)

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