Play With the Mother Jones 1% Calculator

monopoly-guyThe rich have been getting richer at an amazing rate over the last 5 decades. People who suffer from conservatism like to blame their lack of money on taxes which they blame in turn on people who are even poorer than them.

A recent Mother Jones article sums it up:
"The richest 1 percent of Americans have seen their average income jump more than 270 percent over the past five decades. Meanwhile, the average income of the least wealthy 90 percent of Americans grew an anemic 22 percent during that time. (Those figures are based on inflation-adjusted real dollars.)"

That same article also includes a calculator where you can enter your income and see what you'd be making if everyone's income rose at the same rate. In other words, if the rising tide lifted all boats equally. For example, if you make 45,000 / year you would be making $137,264. If you make $30,000/yr you should be making $91,509 except that "trickle down economics" actually resulted in more of an upward flood, so you got screwed (and not by welfare moms). Play with the calculator and feed your justifiable anger.
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