New 'Pulp Magazine Project' Puts Free Pulp Fiction Online

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Before dime novels and even before comic books there were pulp magazines. From the late 19th century until the end of World War 2 the provided steady fixes of, primarily extreme and sensationalized, short fiction. Pulp magazines covered a variety of genres including detective fiction, science fiction, westerns, romance and more. The Pulp Magazine Project has begun collecting scans of issues before they deteriorate or are forgotten.

So far the project has at least a few copies of magazines like Adventure, Amazing Stories, Detective Stories Magazine, Dynamic Science Magazine, Exciting Western, Flying Stories, Ghost Stories, Jungle Stories, North West Romances, Planet Stories, Saucy Stories, Sea Stories Magazine, Top Notch Magazine, Weird Tales, Western Stories Magazines and dozens of others. All of these are in the public domain now. Many of these only have a few issues so far, but they are still building and accepting donations if you have a scanner and issues they are missing.

So far all issues are available in Flip Book and PDF format. However, if you have a copy of Calibre you can convert PDF's to just about any format that works for you.

[via Open Culture]
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