Artists Rendering of What Mars Looked Like 4 Billion Years Ago


There is a great deal of talk about exoplanets and specifically Earth like planets lately. So far though there are few planets more Earth like or better situated in the Goldilocks zone than Mars, which also happens to be close enough to reach using current technology. This animation shows an artists rendering of what Mars was probably like about 4 Billion years ago. As the video progresses, time advances to show Mars as it is now, dry and barren.

That is probably not the end of the story though. There are several plans currently being explored to colonize the red planet. By the time the first humans land on Mars it will likely already be the costliest venture in the history of mankind and it is being funded, almost entirely, by private dollars. Chances are very smart, very rich people wouldn't be dumping billions of dollars into a dead planet, if they thought it was going to stay that way.

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