1977 BBC News Special on the Dangers of Punk Rock


This BBC special on the 'dangers' of punk rock is probably more entertaining now than it was in 1977. It features, among others, DJ John Peel (of 'the Peel Sessions') and Pete Shelley of the Buzzcocks. It also features of panel of British clergy and other defenders of propriety to warn you of the dangers that punk represents. While they were speaking I kept expecting a knight to come out and smack them with a rubber chicken (though that may just be a testament to how spot on Monty Python's satire was).

Anyway, if you enjoy this you might also like the US after school special from 1987. Americans too became concerned about the 'dangers of punk rock', though not until 1987 when the Bangles, U2 and Whitney Houston were dominating the music charts.

[via Dangerous Minds]
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