With Half A Million Iraqis Dead, Will the Hague Finally Get Serious About War Crimes Charges?


Former President George W. Bush and several of his key advisors began making the case for war with Iraq in early 2002. On March 20, 2003 the invasion began. It was justified by fraudulent claims of chemical weapons in the country and conducted without U.N. authorization.

Now, more than 10 years later, the most comprehensive study to date estimates that half a million Iraqi's died as a direct or indirect result of that war. Via National Geographic:
"In the new PLOS Medicine journal survey, led by public health expert Amy Hagopian of the University of Washington in Seattle, an international research team polled heads of households and siblings across Iraq. The researchers, including some from the Iraqi Ministry of Health, aimed to update and improve past estimates of the human costs of the war and occupation.

"We think it is roughly around half a million people dead. And that is likely a low estimate," says Hagopian. "People need to know the cost in human lives of the decision to go to war."

The survey responses point to around 405,000 deaths attributable to the war and occupation in Iraq from 2003 to 2011. At least another 56,000 deaths should be added to that total from households forced to flee Iraq, the study authors estimate. More than 60 percent of the excess deaths of men, women, and children reported from 2003 to 2011 were the direct result of shootings, bombings, airstrikes, or other violence, according to the study. The rest came indirectly, from stress-related heart attacks or ruined sanitation and hospitals."

That is to say nothing of the untold billions in damage to the country's infrastructure, economy and to private property. It also does not take into account injuries, including lifelong debilitating injuries and does not include the casualties of the "Coalition of the Willing". It will likely take generations for Iraq to fully recover and for the true cost of the war to be known.

Given all of this the silence from the international Criminal Court in The Hague is almost deafening. If a country can be invaded, without provocation or UN approval based on fraudulent claims, resulting in hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths, the torture of prisoners and other clear violations of the Geneva Convention then what is the purpose of that court existing at all? How many of the recent cases in the Hague have reached that level of barbarity?

Hopefully this latest study will be enough to finally push the court to investigate and the western leaders who launched a unjustified war, for reasons still unknown, will be called to answer for their actions. Retiring to the Texas ranch and creating paintings of your pets does not qualify as atonement.
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