Pointing Out the Flaws of Conservatives is Getting Boring


I feel like I should spend more time on this site and on Twitter pointing out the flaws of conservatives here in Canada and in the United States. The truth is that it's getting boring and repetitive. I've been pointing out the flaws of conservatives and their 'philosophies' since the days of Reagan and, although the problems have gotten worse, they haven't changed much.

Conservative parties are, essentially, run by people who have or aspire to great wealth. More specifically they are people who are ruthless and Machiavellian in their ambitions, who do not really care about anything or anyone except for their own bottom line. Those people do not actually run for office themselves very often, instead they recruit people who are charismatic or intimidating and who follow orders well. These do not tend to be people who ask many questions or think about things to much, they don't tend to be well educated or particularly insightful. They are, in other words, good soldiers, who can recite the party line and do as they are told. They do not have to be honorable or trustworthy people and they usually are not. Being honorable and responsible doesn't really work well if your job is to follow orders from ruthless would be tyrants. In order to get votes they appeal to the dim, ignorant and angry. They appeal to jingoism, racism, nationalism, sexism, homophobia, fear and superstition. Since 9/11 they are even willing to support domestic and international spying, war crimes and the torture and murder of foreign nationals.

Whatever policies they claim to believe in the outcome is always the same. They accumulate more wealth and power in the hands of the wealthy and powerful (at least those who are on their side and play their game). They also drain wealth and power from the poor and middle class, including those who helped to vote them in.

There are exceptions to everything I've said so far. There are otherwise good people who are simply 'fiscally conservative' and believe in limited government and a strong military. The problem is that there aren't enough of these people to actually win any elections. By aligning themselves with bigots, hate groups, religious radicals and the worst elements of society they are selling their honor and integrity. They are doing damage to their country and to civil society in exchange for victory. In other words any conservative is essentially as bad as the worst elements of conservatism.

So, if I don't have much to say about Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's crack bust, Canadian Senators apparent embezzlement, Prime Minister Stephen Harper's election fraud, or the hate and anti-American nihilism of US Republicans, it is not that I don't care, it is more that I'm tired of repeating myself. It is all the same thing. Conservative parties do not care about anything except for expanding the wealth and power of those who fund them. In order to fulfill that goal they will say and do anything to anyone. The people who vote for them will keep voting for them because they can't find another racist, sexist and homophobic party. They can't find another party that will give lip service to their religious superstition and they cannot vote for a party whose policies are based on math and science and who espouse equality and justice.

When the conservatives screw up and I fail to mention it just take it as read that I believe all conservatives are ultimately bad people, lacking in honor, integrity, compassion or empathy and that I am not the least bit surprised by whatever they've done now.
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