Play Vintage Video Games in Your Browser

PacMan is, without a doubt, one of the best sites on the internet. The site currently holds 1,421,073 movie and video files, 1,757,038 audio recordings, 121,839 live music concerts, 5,444,949 text files and a searchable TV news archive. All of it is completely free and most is in the public domain. Somehow though, Archive keeps managing to get better. The latest improvement is the software archive which holds vintage video games and other applications and you don't even need a compatible machine to run it.

That means that you can play various versions of classics like Pac Man, Asteroids, Chess, text based games, play with old graphics apps and whatever else makes you happy, all from your web browser. is, or is rapidly becoming the public library of the internet. It is already a library so large that you could never find your way through it all and it grows every hour of every day. If you haven't already bookmarked it ....

[via Open Culture]
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