James Sherry's Nirvana Interviews are Online


James Sherry of the UK's Metal Hammer magazine conducted these interviews between 1990 and 1992. They were first made available on CD in 2004, but they are now online for free.

Via Dangerous Minds:
Here we have three separate Nirvana interviews conducted by Sherry; all together, they add up to nearly an hour. The interviews catch Nirvana at three very different stages of their career. In November of 1990 Nirvana was riding the modest success of Bleach; in the summer of 1991 they were ready to release Nevermind and they knew they had something special on their hands; by 1992 they had already become superstars and were dealing with that. By the time the last interview rolled around, Nirvana had been named Metal Hammer’s “Best New Band,” which was just really amusing. Among other things, they discuss their willingness to pursue an idea that had been floated in 1991 of touring with Guns N’ Roses.

If all of this has you feeling nostalgic, you might want to pop over to Hand Drawn Dracula where you can download a free Nirvana tribute album 'Milkin' It', which features performances by the Wooden Sky, Julie Fader, Hooded Fang and others.

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