Get 7,000 Free Audio Books from Librivox

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According to Wikipedia Librivox is the world's most prolific audio book publisher, producing an average of 89 titles / month and all of it is free. The idea is really pretty simple and one of the earliest examples of crowdsourcing. Librivox takes books that are in the public domain and ask users of the site to record themselves reading those books. So, it is not the sort of place where you look for the latest best seller, but the latest best sellers are mostly brain rot anyway. So, if you'd like to spend some time with the classics while you're driving, or cycling or working or ...whatever you do and you'd like to pay absolutely nothing for it you should check them out at

Boing Boing recently ran a post on their site redesign and 7,000th title published. I've been a booster of the site for years, but realized that I haven't really boosted it on this site yet.
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