Anonymous Whistleblower Software for Media Outlets via Freedom of the Press Foundation


The Freedom of the Press Foundation announced today that they are taking over the DeadDrop project, started by investigative reporter Kevin Poulsen and the late Aaron Swartz. The foundation says that it will provide on site installation and technical support for news organizations wishing to use the new software which they are calling Securedrop. Once implemented, secure drop will allow whistle blowers to deliver documents to news organizations anonymously.
"By installing SecureDrop, news organizations around the world can securely accept documents from whistleblowers, while better protecting their sources’ anonymity.  Although it is important to note that no security system can ever be 100 percent impenetrable, Freedom of the Press Foundation believes that this system is the strongest ever made available to media outlets. Several major news agencies have already signed up for installations, and they will be announced in the coming weeks."

Several cases in recent years, including the Bradley Manning / Wikileaks case and the Edward Snowden/NSA case, have brought into question the freedom of the press internationally. Specifically the ability of journalists to protect their sources has been compromised and journalists have faced harassment by governments for publishing unflattering stories. If SecureDrop works as advertised, journalists would not know who their source was and it would be very difficult for anyone, including governments, to find out who the source was. Because journalists cannot reveal information that they do not have and cannot access it should dramatically improve protection for whistleblowers and, hopefully, limit the amount of harassment reporters are subjected to.
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