Trailer for the JJ Abrams Version of Galaxy Quest

Despite an impressive resume JJ Abrams is not a very good storyteller. Hollywood likes him because he's good at getting box office money and ratings, but how he does this is a bit of a mystery to me. Alias started strong and fizzled after a few seasons. Lost was a good mystery but no one, including Abrams, was able to solve that mystery. Fringe went off the rails long before it was done and his latest Star Trek movie was voted the worst in franchise history at a recent Star Trek convention. Galaxy Quest, which is a spoof and not a Trek film was still voted a better Star Trek film than Into Darkness. (This caused writer Robert Orci to have a meltdown and quit Twitter after a few condescending rants.)

Despite his track record, Disney has tapped Abrams to fuck up the Star Wars universe next. Given the poll though and the realization that at least a few people might have liked Galaxy Quest a little bit. If Abrams gets some free time and decides to mess that up too, it might look something like this:

[Via Boing Boing]
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