The Future Is Coming Faster and Faster


I've talked about this before but changes in science, medicine and technology are coming which will make the changes brought by personal computers and the internet seem insignificant by comparison. While some of the new tech is potentially scary on its own, what is truly frightening is that no government body or political party is preparing for these changes in any way.

While I could write at length about each of these things individually, I simply haven't had the time recently. To recap very recent developments though:

These are just a few big headlines out of dozens of disruptive, world changing technologies currently in development. These include technologies that could vastly increase human life expectancy, replace every job we currently know of (blue collar, white collar, manual labor, creative or otherwise) and more. Again, to the best of my knowledge, no political party has taken any position on any of this and no government has so much as a contingency plan for changes that are becoming inevitable.
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