It is Past Time for a Twilight Zone Reboot


In 2014 it will have been 50 years since the Twilight Zone went off the air. It was only on for 5 seasons but is still regarded as a TV classic. It introduced science fiction, fantasy and suspense to a television schedule which was, at the time, dominated by comedies and variety shows. It seems to me that it is long past time for a reboot.

Since the series was cancelled there has been a Twilight Zone movie and a rebooted series that got a mediocre reaction from 1985-89. However, in 2013 television is simply better than it was in the 1980s. Have a look at shows like Game of Thrones, American Horror Story and the Walking Dead and imagine what a modern take on the Twilight Zone might look like.

The key people on the series would be the show runner and the host, with the host being the only recurring cast member. The logistics team will also be key because it will be possible to shoot several episodes, perhaps even all of them, simultaneously. The episodes themselves are already partially written because the show runner will be able to choose from all of the original episodes of the Twilight Zone, which could be re-imagined, and every short story ever written. The re-imagined stories could, potentially, be done very well since producers, especially on cable, no longer have to live with 1959 censorship rules. So, the team working on the show will have the luxury of choosing stories that are already popular and well written.

The show runner can then choose writers, directors and cast for each of the stories he or she decides to tell in a given season. It is even possible that the show will draw some big names who want to work on it either out of love for the original series, or love for the particular story that is being produced. In many ways it would be more like producing a series of short films than a series, but with a show runner and a host to maintain a sense of continuity.

Given Hollywood's love for reinventing successful shows from the past, and the demand for high quality programs, it seems strange to me that a rebooted Twilight Zone is not already in production.
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