Escape from Tomorrow: A Horror Film Shot at Disney World, Without Asking Disney

Escape From Tomorrow - 2013 - film poster

Escape from Tomorrow is set, at least partially, at Disney World. For an independent filmmaker it would be impossible to build a Disney World set so first time writer-director Randy Moore made do with the real thing. He just, apparently, never asked if it was ok with Disney. You would think that a film shot in secret at a major amusement park would be amateurish and hardly worth mentioning but apparently that is not the case.

I haven't seen the film yet but, according to Wikipedia:
"It premiered in January at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival and on April 20, 2013, it was shown at Roger Ebert's 15th annual film festival in Champaign, Illinois, where the film was hand selected by Ebert just weeks before his death. The festival's program claims the film is "ultimately about the terror of ubiquitous entertainment."

It may be awhile before you get a chance to see it but here is the first official trailer.

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