Your Transit Problems are Solved Because Adult Size Big Wheels are Here

Have you ever owned, driven or ridden in a vehicle as satisfying as your first Big Wheel? Have you ever felt as safe in any vehicle? Ever find a vehicle as durable or customizable? Don't you wish you'd never had to give it up? Well there is good news because High Roller, a Colorado company is now making your ultimate childhood vehicle in adult sizes.

Via io9:
"High Roller USA's adult version costs $600, but has a steel frame, alloy rims, can carry passengers up to 275 lbs. and had sweet tassles on the handlebars.The wheels are still plastic, but some denser space-age polyethylene version that are supposed to last 150 miles. The handbrake is missing, but the there is a handlebar brake."

Granted, $600 is more than you (or your parents) paid for your first big wheel but compared to the cost of a high end bike, or a car and it's really not very much and you don't have to put any gas in it.

You can check out High Roller's stuff here.

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