The Album That Bjork Recorded When She Was 11


Martin Schneider at Dangerous Minds found these recordings from Bjork's 1977 self titled album. She was 11 years old at the time. The album was, apparently, fairly well received in her native Iceland but ignored or dismissed pretty much everywhere else. The rest of the world wouldn't notice Bjork until the late 1980s when the Sugarcubes started cranking out albums. Granted, the 10 tracks below are nothing like the Sugarcubes, or even much like Bjork's later solo work but it did show a remarkable amount of talent and ambition for a child her age:

1. “Arabadrengurinn (The Arab Boy)”

2. “Búkolla (Your Kiss is Sweet)”

3. “Alta Mira”

4. “Jóhannes Kjarval”

5. “Fúsi Hreindýr”

6. “Himnaför”

7. “Óliver”

8. “Álfur Út Úr Hól (The Fool on the Hill)”

9. “Músastiginn”

10. “Bænin (Christopher Robin)”

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