Tea Party Senator Ted Cruz Does Canada a Favor


Ted Cruz is a representative of the batshit crazy wing of the U.S. Republican Party. He would like to kill the weak, insurance run, national health care the US has finally gotten. He is homophobic and Islamophobic. He wants to abolish the IRS, is against any form of gun control and against gun victims as well.  His is in favor of government shut downs and despite being the Canadian born child of a Cuban immigrant, Cruz is against immigration. Interestingly he believes that there is a UN conspiracy to eliminate golf. Cruz was raised by an even more batshit crazy father who told him he was destined for greatness (by God no less) and now he wants to be President of the United States.

In preparation for his run, Senator Cruz has decided to renounce his Canadian citizenship. While all of this is bad news for the US, it looks like Canada dodged a bullet. We can only hope that Cruz starts a trend and that other Alberta conservatives (and more than a few from Ontario) decide to head for the promised land of Texas and leave Canadian politics to sane people.
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