Suggested Reading: "Time to pack it in, Steve" - Why It's Time for Harper to Go


As Stephen Harper prepares to prorogue parliament for the 3rd time, some continue to suggest that he will, or at least should, step down as leader of the Conservative party. While this is vehemently denied by Harper it is a wonder that he continues to enjoy any public support. Harper originally came to office on promises that he would reform government, make it more open, transparent and democratic. He has, in fact, done the opposite and his government has been more scandal ridden than the government it replaced. He has not acted as a conservative, in any real sense but has instead doled out favors and financial support to friends and allies while racking up the biggest deficit in Canadian history.

While Shit Harper Did ( is a good, ongoing source for Harper's crimes, Michael Harris at iPolitics breaks down the recent history and present situation very well.
"The Conservatives under Harper are no longer Conservatives — not fiscally, not socially, not politically. They are a lost tribe following a cult figure. That figure has led them into record deficits, tawdry scandals and strange alliances like the one with China. Harper has turned conservatism into just another brand of political opportunism — power for power’s sake. It is no longer tethered to a philosophy — just to an individual."

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