Paul Reubens Stars In a Short Film About Murder and Digital Immortality


What if you could serve as a witness to your own murder? Paul Reubens (a.k.a. Pee Wee Herman) stars in the Final Moments of Karl Brant, a short murder mystery complicated by virtual immortality.

Via Tubefilter:
“I’m excited about the idea of copying memories into code,” said director M.F. Wilson. “Imagine for a second that, after your body dies, you can go on living in a digital state. This technology, which is currently on the horizon, will challenge our definitions of life and death. It makes a great basis for a high-tech crime story.” The Final Moments Of Karl Brant is also visually stunning, as it makes use of a hacked Xbox Kinect device to give some scenes a rounder, more 3D visual feel. If that is the future of sci-fi films, I’m ok with it, since I wouldn’t have to wear any more dumb glasses.

How realistic is mind uploading technology? It is realistic enough that most of the people reading this will probably see it, in some form, in their lifetimes. Before that happens you might want to re-think your opinion of the NSA and the Pirate Bay.

On a side note, if anyone is looking for a short documentary subject: We know what Pee Wee is doing now, but what is Chairy up to these days?

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