Donald Duck Explains the Importance of Family Planning (1968)

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This video is probably more controversial today than it was in 1968. Sadly, it is not controversial because it is racist or sexist (it is both in places). It is controversial because of the subject matter. In 2013, despite the fact that overpopulation is a far more serious issue, family planning has become controversial.

Religious fanatics of various stripes have conjured up a fantasy world where not talking about sex or making basic family planning services available somehow leads to less sex. They long to return to some mythological golden age where rape, incest and unwanted pregnancy didn't happen. They don't believe that teenagers had sex until people started talking about birth control and they somehow think that if sex education isn't taught in the classroom that young people will not know about sex.

If only the religious right had the logic, reason and common sense displayed by Donald Duck.

[via Dangerous Minds]
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