Video: Mr. Rogers Learns to Breakdance (1985)

If you have young kids you know that PBS has tried to fill the hole left by Fred Rogers with a cartoon called Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. You'll also know that this only makes people (who are old enough to remember) very, very sad. Cartoons < Puppets just about every time.

Ayun Halliday at Open Culture posted this amazing little time capsule today, featuring Mr. Rogers getting his first breakdance lesson in Feb. 1985.
"In no time at all, 12-year-old instructor Jermaine Vaughn had Mr. Rogers waving, moonwalking and learning how to press play on a boom box so he could demonstrate some “very fancy things” regarding the first pillar of hip hop. (“I’d never be able to do that,” his pupil says admiringly, and presumably truthfully.)"

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