Stephen Fry Reads Oscar Wilde's "the Happy Prince"

Stephen Fry has had, it seems, a lifelong love affair with Oscar Wilde's writing which you can read about at some length on Open Culture. Wilde, no doubt, was a man who is just as relevant and would feel just as comfortable in this century as his own. Wilde was a fairly open homosexual, who was imprisoned and ultimately died for it. In addition to a sharp wit he had a keen insight on the duplicity of politics and the duplicity of human relationships, on the promotion of the artificial over the genuine and the value placed by society on the fleeting and superficial.

If you haven't already you might want to check out Stephen Fry's potrail of Wilde in the 1997 biopic simply titled "Wilde". Here is Fry's reading of Oscar Wilde's children's story about the cost of beauty, the Happy Prince. 

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