Sharknado: Full Trailer for the Must See Movie of the Summer


First there was Star Trek: Into Darkness and audiences said "meh", then World War Z happened and audiences said things unfit to print, most recently there was the Lone Ranger and audiences were busy washing their hair that night but tomorrow (July 11), SyFy will unveil the summer movie that can't possibly be worse than you expected - Sharknado!

In case you don't know it's the story of an extremely rare Pacific Ocean hurricane, that spawns tornadoes, tornadoes that are full of sharks! The Sharnado sweeps across Los Angeles, keeping the sharks mostly inside of it but occasionally dropping them on people it doesn't like.

It is the movie that will finally answer the questions: "Whatever happened to Tara Reid?" and "Is it true that SyFy lets people in the original programming department bring bongs to work?"

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