Relax Toronto, Twitter is Fine


I've seen this article from the Toronto Star shared several times today. The article, titled 'Alec Baldwin quit Twitter (again). Should you?', starts with the assertion:"
Growing numbers are leaving the social networking site for a ‘laundry list’ of reasons, from flame-out to personal attacks.

"The evidence for this? None really. The writer mentions a few people who have left Twitter such as NDP MP Charlie Angus, Alec Baldwin, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Dallas Stars forward Tyler Seguin as well as Lady Gaga who took a twitter break. That's five people who have left a service that has an estimated half billion users.

Beyond that the article states that:
"Twitter officials did not return requests for data on the number of people who have quit their seven-year-old service."

But a quick Google search turns up these numbers from According to their numbers Twitter currently has 115 million 'active users' and 130,000 people signing up daily. Of those people approximately 1 in 5 will become active users.

After that the article just goes on to provide some reasons why people leave Twitter.

Twitter definitely has its share of negativity and some active trolls but there is no reason to believe that 5 high profile departures over the course of more than a year are a sign of doom. The article is shoddy. It makes an assertion based purely on a few anecdotes, barely even attempts to provide evidence and then proceeds as if something has been proven. It's just more weak journalism. Twitter is fine.
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