Kids From the Slums of Cambodia Perform Gangnam Style [Video]

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Taramana is an NGO that works with impoverished children in Cambodia.
"Even if it is very important to respond to the despair of children and their families by providing them with immediate care and food, it is equally important for us to anchor our activities in the long-term as well. Educating children, teaching health education, helping with professional training and job market insertion, even creating jobs, all contribute to the rebuilding of an educated, modern and competitive Cambodian society. Our Association’s unique and sole ambition is to help underprivileged populations to assist themselves and to allow them to acquire sufficient and sustainable economic stability."

The organization has recently begun working with filmmaker Jean-Luc Nguyen to produce films that are not what you expect to see. Rather than show the poor areas of Cambodia as you expect to see them, Nguyen and Taramana try to show the potential of the people who live there.
"We are convinced that humanitarian aid should focus on giving children strength and confidence: a bit of help that will help them believe in themselves, give them hope for a brighter future and preserve their dignity under any situation. You loved them in the video? They indeed got a self-esteem boost, feel more brave and ambitious."

According to Global Voices, the kids are primarily from the urban poor district of Boeng Salang in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. Below is the original video, as well as a video showing the kids reactions to seeing it for the first time and a behind the scenes/making of video. Find out more about Taramana here and follow Global Voices for more news that you rarely get from the western press.

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