Fight Censorship & Protect Privacy: The Declaration of Internet Freedom


I've been waiting for someone to do something like this for awhile: Open Media International has created the 'Declaration of Internet Freedom' which aims to prevent censorship and government control of information, reward innovation and protect personal privacy.

The internet may be the greatest tool in the history of humanity, it also has the potential to be the greatest tool for government and corporate surveillance and control over humanity.

In a best case scenario it could be the ultimate library and town hall meeting. It could create a fee and open 'marketplace of ideas' and put all of the worlds knowledge at the fingertips of everyone, everywhere in the world. In a worst case scenario it could allow corporations and governments, the rich and powerful to know more about you than you do, monitoring your web searches, social media, phone calls, email, credit card purchases, medical information and more. At the same time government filtering and censorship could allow them to control what you see and what information is available to you.

The declaration is just, essentially, a petition for now but it will allow Open Media to begin to build a base to take on these issues.

Read more and sign the petition at

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