Science Beats NSA With Temporal 'Invisibility' Cloak for Data

Just as stories about the NSA's extreme monitoring of the US public are grabbing headlines, science may have discovered a way to prevent any and all eavesdropping on data. According to Scientific American, researchers have found a way to cloak a data stream so that any information passed through that stream is simply invisible:
If you’ve ever wanted to edit an event from your history, then help may soon be at hand. Electrical engineers have used lasers to create a cloak that can hide communications in a 'time hole', so that it seems as if they were never sent. Themethod, published today in Nature, is the first that can cloak data streams sent at the rapid rates typically seen in telecommunications systems. It opens the door to ultra-secure transmission schemes, and may also provide a way to better shield information from noise corruption. 
Of course it will likely be some time before such technology finds its way into civilian hands but there is some cause for optimism. The research was initially submitted to Nature in February and, 4 months later, there is no indication that the research has been seized or that the researchers have been sent to Guantanamo Bay.
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