Sanctuary: The Best Show You Probably Missed Entirely



I was very late in coming to Sanctuary. I didn't start watching until after the announcement that there would not be a 5th season. The show generated very little buzz and what I had heard about it was mixed. The critics score on Metacritic is an uninspiring 56/100 and the user score is a slightly more forgiving 6.4/10.

However, if you like 50's horror and sci-fi B-movies there is no reason why you shouldn't love the show. It's no so much a matter of suspending your disbelief, it's more a matter of firing it altogether. The show stars Stargate's Amanda Tapping as Dr. Helen Magnus, the head of the 'Sanctuary Network', an ancient international organization that works to provide safety for 'abnormals' which includes everything from dragons to vampires, werewolves and mermaids. Sort of Warehouse 13 but for creatures instead of things.

Her team includes Dr. Will Zimmerman ( Robin Dunne ) who, if you are familiar with Stargate, you can basically think of as Daniel Jackson. The backstory is very similar, and the character is very similar but he's a profiler and not an archeologist. Next up on the team is Biggie/Bigfoot/sasquatch played by Chris Heyerdahl. For the purposes of Sanctuary big foot likes reading and knows kung fu. Kate Freelander ( Agam Darshi ) is a reformed street smart criminal and Henry Foss (Ryan Robbins) a computer nerd and werewolf. Also joining the team regularly (as an ally, enemy or both) is Nikola Tesla, yes *that* Nicola Tesla, played by Johnathan Young. Tesla, as it turns out, is also a vampire.

Together the team battles the elements, frightened or malevolent beings, superstition and, at times, governments to bring the creatures to safety and prevent harm to human populations.

So, if you can abandon your sense of disbelief entirely and just roll with it, chances are you'll have a good time.  Here, as an example, is Will Zimmerman doing a Bollywood style dance routine to try to appease a giant spider that is causing earthquakes...seriously.

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