James Gandolfini on Inside the Actors Studio [Video]


There are many things that draw people into the arts and immortality is not the least of them. Tens of thousands of people die every day and most of those people are lost to history. Unless they are related to you, you will probably never know the names of the factory workers, farmers, soldiers and sailors who passed away yesterday. You may even, possibly, read a few obituaries but you will never really know much about them.

The arts are different though, artists leave their work for us to enjoy and the good ones make it undeniably their own. They leave their work, their thoughts and ideas behind and allow us to enjoy their talent long after they are gone.

That means that although James Gandolfini died yesterday you can still enjoy his films and television programs and you can still spend the next 45 minutes listening to his thoughts on his craft:

[via Open Culture]
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