Help Kickstart a Film About A Camp That Makes Straight People Gay

DSC_0072.largeReligion has always been good at capitalizing on guilt. In one of the newer rackets, religion first makes people feel guilty about being born gay, and then sends them to a camp which they claim will help to make them straight again. If they are successful, they send gay people into the world prepared to pretend to be straight. If they fail they simply blame the victim for failing in their faith.

But, what if things were reversed? What if homosexuality was dominant and straight people were sent to camps. That is the question posed by 'Break Your Straight', a short film and Kickstarter project launched by Emma Caulfield.  Below are not one but two videos to help explain the project further. For more info and to help them raise the $16,000 they need, visit 'Break Your Straight' on Kickstarter.

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