Help Fight the NSA With TMI

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Vice has created a new tool to help people fight back against the NSA by providing them with too much information. The site at generates random messages filled with NSA buzzwords that you can then Tweet or share on Facebook or send via email.

Via Popular Science
"By the very nature of intelligence issues, there's much more irrelevant communication than information actually related to potential terrorism. To sort through all this, the Department of Homeland Security has a list of more than 370 keywords used to identify suspicious and potentially terror-related communications. So long as only suspicious communication contains the right combination of these keywords, the metric works. "Hello, NSA" is designed to gum up the workings of that algorithm. By increasing the amount of metaphorical hay, or irrelevant information, that gets flagged as terror-related, it makes it more difficult for spies and analysts to use information collected through broad surveillance. The phrases generated through VIce's new program are short enough to fit inside a tweet, append to a Facebook status, or include in an email."

Read more from Popular Science here and have fun messing up US National Security and grab your free They Might Be Giants NSA ringtone here.
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