Put a "No Flyers" Sign on Your Mailbox Because Trees

According to the CBC Canada Post sent letters to nearly 1 million Canadians this week urging them to take the "no flyers" signs off of their mailbox:
Anick Losier, a spokeswoman for Canada Post, said her organization wants to be sure that citizens are not missing out on important, but unaddressed, mail.

"[The letter is] to remind people what unaddressed ad mail is," said Losier.

"It's not just flyers and coupons, it's also fundraising incentives, it's also catalogs, as well as municipal notices."

The reality though is that most of it is flyers, coupons and other printed spam. Here in Ontario you will get far more mail from Bell and Rogers than you will get from the city. We are rapidly moving into a paperless age, which is bad news for the post office and good news for trees. I understand that that Canada Post gets revenue from flyers, but Canada does not need a federal department of junk mail.

Take this act of desperation from Canada Post as your cue to say no to spam and yes to trees and hang a sign on your mailbox.

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