NASA Wants Haiku for Mars


NASA and the University of Colorado at Boulder's Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics are collecting haiku for Mars. Submissions from the public (anywhere on Earth) are being collected at the Going to Mars website.

Later this year NASA launches the MAVEN spacecraft, to answer questions about Mars atmospheric history. The top 3 haiku, selected by a public vote, along with the names of everyone who submitted an entry will be bundled on a DVD and placed onboard MAVEN.

Eric Mack at CNET says:
"Why there's only room for three poems, or why any martians floating around in the planet's upper atmosphere are more likely to have access to a DVD player than a USB port or SD card reader remain mysteries, but it's a fun campaign nonetheless."  
So, if you like, you can submit your entry here. Whether you submit an entry or not, be sure to vote for my entry here!
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