If You Like Post-Apocalyptic Stories About Panda Bears, This is a Good Day

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 7.15.31 PM

TV and movie screens are awash in post apocalyptic stories. There are zombie apocalypse stories, post nuclear-war stories, post alien invasion stories and post man-kind-fucked-everything-up-and-now-we-can't-live-here stories but in none of those stories do they say what became of the panda bears, until now.

Today the first episode of the new web series Wastlander Panda is up. Rob Bricken of io9 says:
"If you wanted to call it Max Max Beyond Thunderdome with a panda, you could, but you still wouldn't properly convey how dark and ridiculous "Wasterlander Panda" is. For more info, make sure to visit the official website."

Personally, I'm just waiting to see what happens when the Panda meets the zombies!!

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