Get Your Star Trek Fix With Honest Trailers, Spock vs. Spock and Microscopic Sculpture

Something about all that "May the 4th Be With You" stuff seems to have made people think of Star Trek (maybe it's Obama's fault).

In any case Screen Junkies posted their Honest Trailer for the 2009 Star Trek today:

Then, via io9, there's this Audi comercial featuring Spock and also Spock. (if you're very young, or haven't spent enough time on the internets to know this is why Old Spock is talking about Bilbo Baggins).

Over at Geeks are Sexy, they have some new Star Trek atom sized artwork (literally made from atoms). It looks like this (and there are a few others):


So you know, live long and may the force be with you ... I am and will always be your father Luke ... and so on.
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