Beware the Killer Beavers of Belarus


Remember 2011, when people were talking about replacing the beaver as Canada's national animal? Senator Nicole Eaton called beavers a "dentally defective rat" and wanted to replace them with polar bears as a symbol for the country. Well, the Senator would have a hard time making that argument in 2013 Belarus.

According to the Guardian a beaver attack, the latest in a string of them, has resulted in a fatality.
"A beaver has attacked a 60-year-old fisherman in Belarus, slicing an artery and causing him to bleed to death.

 It was the latest in a series of beaver attacks on humans in the country, as the rodents, who have razor-sharp teeth, have turned increasingly aggressive after wandering near homes, shops and schools.

 "The character of the wound was totally shocking," said the village doctor Leonty Sulim. "We had never run into anything like this before.""

While the death is obviously a tragedy hopefully it will result in the beavers getting a little more respect. Personally I'm hoping for beaver week on the Discovery channel.

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