BBC Introduces Perceptive Radio Which is Effortlessly Interactive



The BBC's perceptive radio notes your geographic location, local conditions, background noise and more and responds accordingly.

While most 'old media' companies have been playing an endless game of catch up, merely trying to stay relevant, for the last decade or so the BBC is at least trying to innovate. The new perceptive radio introduced at the Thinking Digital conference.

Via Popular Science:
The WiFi-streaming radio features a computer-generated voice that pulls data from external sources and can vary its references to the location of the listener and tailor weather-related references like "it's sunny" or "it's raining" accordingly. Its microphone monitors background noise and can adjust audio levels for specific sounds, amplifying speech and reducing background sounds, for example, if you're sitting farther away.

The BBC promises that it will even alter the script of radio dramas to better match your location. A demonstration of that, titled "Breaking Out" is available here.
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