Why Harry Potter is Ripe for a Reboot + Honest Trailers


The Harry Potter films were good, but if you've read the books you know that there is plenty of room for improvement.

One year, as a test, I read only books that had been turned into movies. I came to the conclusion that a film adaptation could never do justice to the book. In every case the book was better. It's not surprising really. A standard screenplay is 120 pages (roughly 1 page per minute of film). There is no way to condense a 4-600 page book into a 120 page screenplay and adequately capture everything the book contains.

This does not mean that films based on books are bad. You simply have to look at them as entirely separate from the book. That being said, the Harry Potter films are already ripe for a reboot. Warner Brothers capitalized on the popularity of the books and created films that would appeal to the books primary audience, teens and tweens, while still being entertaining for adults.

The films were good, or at least ok. There were some fine performances and great moments but there is much more to the books than was captured in the films.  It might have gone better if J.K. Rowling's original choice of directors, Terry Gilliam, had been put in charge and left in charge. Of course it also could have gone much worse.

Still, to the point, the Harry Potter books are ripe for the Peter Jackson treatment, with the first few books spanning two feature length films and the latter books spanning three. Perhaps they could even be given the George RR Martin treatment with each book spanning a season or two via HBO. With the first Harry Potter film being 12 years old now, they could even start production now.

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