The English Language Is Missing A Word. Any Suggestions?

Yesterday I heard Neil deGrasse Tyson describe faster than light travel as 'impossible'. It occurred to me how much this word makes me cringe. It is true that, at the moment, faster than light travel is impossible but I also know that there is at least one scientist at NASA currently working on a warp drive.

Six hundred years ago, circumnavigating the globe was 'impossible'. Two hundred years ago flight was 'impossible'. One hundred years ago breaking the sound barrier and travelling to the moon were 'impossible'. In the 1960s your smart phone, a computer far more powerful than the one used for the Apollo missions was 'impossible'. We are surrounded by things every day, from electric light to automobiles that used to be impossible. It now appears that bringing back extinct species and human immortality (on Earth, not in the religions sense) are not only possible, but likely to happen.

Using that word frequently, in hindsight, makes really smart people look short sighted and foolish. We need a word that means: Not possible given current knowledge and technology and maybe impossible forever, but maybe not. I do not think there is a current (short) word that covers this:

Impossible implies that something cannot be done, ever. It implies that something is outside what is possible. Putting a (regular sized, living) elephant in a (regular sized) shoebox is impossible. Breaking the sound barrier, as it turns out, was only very difficult.

Very difficult however does not fill this need. Saying something is very difficult implies that it can be done if you are willing to work hard enough. There are some things that may truly be impossible. Referring to something that we may never be able to do as very difficult creates a false impression.

Unlikely (or Improbable) doesn't really cut it either. It is improbable and unlikely that you'll win the lottery. It is likely that someone will but unlikely that it will be you. Someone who had said, a few hundred years ago, that human flight was unlikely would appear (in hindsight) just as wrong as the person who said it was impossible. Today human flight takes place every day, calling it unlikely or improbable just sounds foolish.

Even more elaborate terms like currently impossible seem to imply that a thing will be possible someday.

So, again, the problem is that we don't seem to have a word that means currently impossible, given what we know now, and possibly impossible forever but maybe not. Without such a term it is difficult to accurately and briefly describe many scientific concepts - things that we currently can't do, but that are theoretically possible according to certain theories.

Any suggestions for filling the gap?
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