Soon You'll Be Able to do Genetic Engineering at Home!


A new Kickstarter project says that it's high time for your to do some genetic engineering of your own. This basic kit just does one thing. It allows even a beginner to grow a plant that combines a mustard flower with jellyfish DNA.

But, according to io9 this is just the very beginning:

"What's amazing is all the technology that already exists to do this. We have "gene printers" that can literally print out DNA, and a "gene gun" to shoot modified DNA right into the cells of the plant. The result? A mustard plant that glows green, just like a jellyfish. The jellyfish's green fluorescent proteins are used all the time in genomics, and are harmless. There have already been genetically engineered glowing green bunnies, kittens, and more.

The group hopes that this project will lead to DiY synbio kits, and will help everybody from kids to scientists learn more about one of the most important new fields in biology."

Because really, we've had enough bad news lately. Now we can take comfort in the idea that soon people who can't change a battery without detailed instructions will be genetically modifying flora and fauna.

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