Fargo: The Free Online Word Processor That Synchs With Dropbox

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Fargo is a bare bones word processor, with outlining capabilities. It allows you to create basic documents and outlines. It allows you to store links and, because it synchs with Drobox, it allows you to access those files from anywhere, on any device and to share them with others.

Dropbox, for anyone who isn't aware, is a cloud/online storage service. It allows you to put files in a dropbox folder on your computer and then access those files from any other computer, tablet or smartphone. It also allows for easy collaboration. By sharing links, a document can be shared by any number of people and will automatically update for everyone when it is modified by anyone.

So, Fargo stores the documents you create with it as HTML 5 files in a folder on Dropbox. Not only does this allow you to collaborate, as mentioned above, but it also allows you to do many other useful things. For example: You could create a shopping list on a laptop and then open it at the grocery store on your smartphone. You could take notes for a meeting or class and then access your notes from anywhere and/or share them with others by sending a link.

You do not even need to sign up for a Fargo account, just visit Fargo.io, link it to your Dropbox account and you're ready to go.

Via Lifehacker
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