Coachella Fans Like Bands so Obscure That They Don't Exist Yet

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 7.50.52 PM

The next time someone says that a band is 'pretty obscure', there is a decent chance that the band doesn't really exist. The internet has made it so that no one really good remains really obscure for very long.

The Jimmy Kimmel show sent a reporter to the Coachella Music Festival to ask people what they thought of various bands. The bands they asked about, however, were entirely made up. Still, they got a generally positive reaction to the bands they listed. One of the interviewees even claimed to regularly play one of the fictional bands on his community radio station in Canada (you wouldn't know her).

It's interesting how things change over time. Being a nerd is now a good, desirable thing to be and being 'cool' or 'hip' is now just kinda sad.

Anyway, if you're in a band and looking for a little free publicity consider changing your name right now. Then you can use the Jimmy Kimmel show in your blurbs.

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