Without Marriage Equality There is No Freedom of Religion

Right wingers, zealots and bigots like to pretend that opposing same sex marriage is, somehow, about freedom of religion. In the Chicago tribute, bigot John Kass takes issue with being called a bigot claiming freedom of religion as his grounds. Fox News thinks that "Gay Marriage is Incompatible with Religious Freedom".  The truth is exactly the opposite. Equal marriage is all about religious freedom.

Freedom of religion means that you are allowed to believe anything you like without government discrimination or persecution. If you do not believe that people of the same gender should be married then, by all means, do not marry someone of your gender. Freedom though implies that you have a choice. Being free to believe whatever you believe in no way gives you the right to interfere with the choices of others. People are also free not to believe what you do and to act accordingly. By denying people the right to marry you are not protecting your religious freedom, you are denying others their religious freedom and attempting to impose your own views on them regardless of their belief.

Ultimately what this is about is whether or not everyone is equal under the law and if they are not, then all freedom starts to unravel. If government can point at any group and say 'you are not entitled to the same rights as everyone else' then they could potentially point at any other group and say the same thing. Equal marriage proponents are not only bigoted, they are also opposed to religious freedom.
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