Preview of the BBC's New Zombie Series "In the Flesh"

Can zombies be rehabilitated? That seems to be the question of the BBCs take on the zombie apocalypse ( assuming that they manage to get it on the air ahead of the actual zombie apocalypse ). IMDB says:
"Four years after the Rising, the government starts to rehabilitate the Undead back into the society including teenager Kieren Walker, who returns home to his small Lancashire village to face a hostile reception as well as his own demons."

According to the shows website it will premiere at 10 pm on Sunday, March 17.

Of course this is only fiction. Obviously Zombie's cannot be reintroduced to civilized society. Below are two previews for In the Flesh, along with a refresher on the rules for surviving a zombie apocalypse from Zombieland (also being turned into a series by Amazon). For more information on what to do in an actual zombie apocalypse, visit the Centers for Disease Control.

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